Sisterly Coaching

Are you ready to embrace your amazingness and create a life you love?

I am here to walk alongside you on your journey of self-discovery. In me you’ll find your biggest cheerleader, a mentor and a sister who sees you and all of your unleashed potential.

1 on 1 Coaching

In this collaborative coaching journey, I offer a safe space for transformation and self-discovery. I am here to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. I am on a mission to empower women to live a conscious life that they’re proud of.

Let me show you how to dance in the rain, and also:

  • Rethink wellness and reconnect with your body
  • Practice mindfulness.. because
    "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” - MARCUS AURELIUS
  • Be held accountable while making significant moves to reach your full potential and create the life of your dreams.
  • Discard those parts of yourself, as well as unhealthy habits and self-sabotaging narratives that are no longer serving you
  • Reach your full potential by cultivating what and who you want to be
  • Create/make meaning and purpose out of your traumas and hurts/adversity
  • Create an intentional and purposeful life birthed from humility
  • Uncover your blind spots
  • To find happiness and joy in the moment while we work towards attaining your goals.
  • Breaking through barriers that are holding you back. Let’s get you unstuck
  • Let go and make peace with the past, live better in the present moment and create a future you that excites you.


Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion to bring about a change in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is widely endorsed as a treatment for habit breaking and can help you gain control over undesired behaviors.

It is important to know that although you’re more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your behavior. A hypnotized person is not asleep and can't be compelled to act against his or her own wishes. When under hypnosis, you put your mind and body into a heightened state of learning, making you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior modification.

The roots of our patterns are often held outside the window of our conscious awareness, and hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to be able to access those.

Common benefits of hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy is employed for a wide range of issues - from habit breaking to chronic pain, IBS, anxiety, weight loss, stress, depression, sleep issues and trauma, are just a few conditions where hypnotherapy may be successfully applied.

28 Day Transformational Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation from the inside out?

This program is designed for highly motivated women who are seeking a life-altering transformation of both mind and body. You will lose weight, as well as those self-sabotaging narratives, feel healthier, gain more energy, more clarity and happiness. But the best part is that you’ll feel alive again and you’ll truly start living a life that you’re proud of.

It’s a homecoming, a journey of self-discovery, self-love, building self-respect, self-esteem, reconnecting with your body’s innate wisdom, health and reigniting that spark within.

wellness coaching for women

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WORK Together

Divorce Coaching

“One of the most courageous decisions you'll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.”
Brigitte Nicole


Are you looking to disconnect from the daily stressors of life and reconnect with nature, like-minded women and the sacredness of your full-authentic-self? Together, we will create a community where women become sisters.